Fine ceramic artware designed and handcrafted in Hood River, Oregon.

Eggware Collection

Altered shapes and tactile finish have inspired my ‘Eggware’. This group of original compositions began in 2001 and continues to grow! Dinnerware, serving bowls, platters and vessels offer superb options to use every day. Microwave, oven and dishwasher sturdy.

Rock Bowl

Exquisite! I have used large pillow basalt rocks as forms for these useful art pieces. Each vessel is a unique expression combining organic shape with striking color combinations.



About the Eggware Collection

Each year I incorporate a few new graphics into my collection. This year I’m excited about ‘Fishnet’ and ‘Retro Scribble’. Additionally, I am still enjoying variations of ‘Sprouts’ and ‘Poppies’ from 2013.

Rock Bowl History